Follow the Good Tidepooler Rules

Orange County Protected Area Researcher/Educator Usage

In order to better serve the research and academic community, the Managers of the Marine Protected Areas are working to streamline the permitting process for data collection and school group use of the rocky intertidal zone. Please complete the appropriate form and email it to the area manager(s) for the site(s) you will be visiting at least 30 days in advance of the requested use dates. Contact information for the area managers can be found below.

Before planning your class field trip or research event, please read the rules and regulations regarding usage of the rocky intertidal zones within the OC Marine Protected Areas. Regulations include NO collecting of any type, NO turning over rocks, NO handling, and NO walking in tidepools and other delicate areas. All visiting school groups and researchers must complete this form.

Researcher/Educator Usage Forms

Researcher Use Form (94KB - DOC)
Educator Use Form (98KB - DOC)

Contact Information

City of Newport Beach

For both Educator and Researcher Use Requests contact:
Derek Breaux
(949) 644-3036

Crystal Cove State Park

California State Parks has additional requirements for permitting. Contact the people listed below for more information.
For Educator Use Requests contact:
Winter Bonnin

For Researcher Use Requests contact:
Lana Nguyen

City of Laguna Beach

For both Educator and Researcher Use Requests contact:
Jeremy Frimond

City of Dana Point

For both Educator and Researcher Use Requests contact:
Bernice Villanueva
(949) 248-3527

Upper Newport Bay

For Educator Use Requests contact:
Robin Madrid
(949) 640-9956

For Researcher Use Requests contact:
Carla Navarro
(949) 640-9961

Bolsa Chica/Bolsa Bay

For Educator Use Requests please schedule your visit on the Master Event Calendar by calling 714-840-1575 (No need to fill out Educator Use Form)

For Researcher Use Requests contact:
Carla Navarro and Kelly O'Reilly
(949) 640-9961
(714) 840-1959

Additional Information and Suggestions for OCMPA Use

Suggestions from the Marine Protected Area Managers:

  1. Be sure your permit is with you and that you notify the DFW field office 24 hours prior to collection.
  2. Please be sure to review the "Good Tidepooler Rules" with all assistants/students and remember that you are a role model for the community.
  3. Please wear official university or agency clothing so the general public can see that the research is officially sanctioned.
  4. Recommended: To minimize public interference and to increase the potential for meaningful outreach, create a sign describing the intent of the research and post it on an easel near where you are doing your work.

The Good Tidepooler Rules are:

  1. Never remove animals, shells, or rocks from the tidepools.
  2. Never pickup animals... observe them where they are.
  3. Walk gently, taking care not to step on plants or animals.
  4. Never turn over rocks.

Safety Tips:

  1. Wear closed toed shoes.
  2. Be aware of the ocean. Never turn your back on large waves and know the times and heights of incoming tides.
  3. No running across rocks or mussel beds.
  4. Notify a lifeguard or call 911 if you see someone in danger of washing off the rocks or witness a medical aid.
  5. Never jump in to rescue a student or an assistant. Call a lifeguard!
  6. Use sunscreen and wear sun protective clothing (hat, long sleeve shirt) whenever possible.
  7. Be careful not to become dehydrated – drink plenty of water.