Follow the Good Tidepooler Rules

What Can You Do?

No matter where you live, you can influence the health of the ocean. You belong to a community that is linked together by water. This community is known as a "watershed" and ultimately ends at the ocean's intertidal zones. By educating yourself, your family and your friends on how to be a "good neighbor" to the ocean, you can make a postive impact on the health of the tidepools and the animals that make it their home. Always remember that the ocean begins at your front door!

The list of things you can do to protect our coastal habitats is endless, but here is a short list of helpful tips to get you started:

  • Conserve water: take shorter showers and turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Do not litter: pick up at least 5 pieces of trash wherever you go instead
  • Do not dump harmful substances in your driveway, sidewalk, street, gutter, or storm drains
  • Take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in your driveway
  • Do not hose down your driveway, sidewalk, or street
  • Follow the Good Tidepooler Rules
  • Volunteer with any of the council members listed at the bottom of the page

Connect and Engage

OceanSpaces is an online resource that connects anyone who wants to stay informed about the health and policies of California’s marine ecosystems. Whether you are a scientist, fisherman, policymaker or concerned citizen you can join the site, connect with others, and stay up to date on California ocean news. On the OceanSpaces website you can collaborate with other researchers or educators, explore MPA maps, find out what monitoring projects are going on and who is conducting them, access MPA monitoring data, share results, photos, and news, sign up to receive updates from groups or organizations, and so much more. Go to for more information and to join this diverse community today!


Household Tips (PDF - 156KB)
The Ocean Begins at Your Front Door (PDF - 1.3MB)
Children's Coloring and Activity Book (PDF - 1.1MB)